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HAK - Traffic and road conditions

Wed, 24 Jul 2024 17:44:42 GMT

Traffic and road conditions

(Wed, 24 Jul 2024 17:44:42 GMT)

Due to a traffic accident, traffic has been suspended on the DC42 state road near Saborsko. Due to strong wind on the DC8 Adriatic road, between Senj and Sveta Marija Magdalena, there is a traffic ban on all double-deckers, camper vans and motorcycles (category 1 vehicles). Traffic is dense on city roads and their bypasses, as well as on some sections of the motorways. During the day, queues and traffic jams are possible on roads where there is roadwork, and where there are toll stations, rest areas, and junctions. Difficulties are possible towards major cities and popular tourist destinations. A1 Zagreb-Ploče-Karamatići motorway: -due to a broken-down vehicle in the Dubrave tunnel, direction Dubrovnik there is a speed limit of 80 km/h -there have been two traffic accidents between the Pirovac junction and the Prokljan rest stop, direction Dubrovnik A3 Bregana-Lipovac motorway (including the Zagreb city bypass): -traffic is dense and ocassionally proceeding slowly between the Buzin and Zagreb istok junctions in direction Lipovac and between the Lučko and Zagreb zapad junctions in direction Bregana -at the Bajakovo border crossing, there is a 2km long queue for personal and freight vehicles. The DC8 Adriatic road: -traffic is dense on the DC8 Adriatic road towards Split. and Dubrovnik Due to roadwdork, all traffic has been suspended on the following roads: -DC1 state road in Vrlika (until 30 September); -DC22 in the Ulica Frana Stupila street in Križevci (until 21 September); -DC30 state road on the Ulica Stjepana Radića street in Petrinja from the crossroads at the Oton Kučera street until the crossroads at the Gromova street (until 14 August); -DC36 state road Pokupsko-Letovanić between the villages Hotnja and Orleković (until 12 December) and on the Stari most (bridge) in Sisak; -DC44 state road in Buzet (until 13 September) -DC51 state road Nova Gradiška-Požega, in the village of Rešetari (until 19 July 2025); -DC77 state road Žminj-Vodnjan between Svetvinčenat and Frlini (until 3 August) -DC305 state road near Čabar (until 15 August); -DC678 state road in Beli Manastir (until 15 August); -ŽC3007 county road near the Igrišće bridge (bridge demolition). Detour via Ulica Dugi Konec-Ulica Stubička Slatina-Mihanovićeva ulica-Gajeva ulica-Ulica Dugi Konec; -ŽC6162 county road in Gornja Podstrana. Due to roadwork on the ŽC6253 Solin-Klis county road, traffic is proceeding along with temporary traffic regulation. Traffic restrictions: A1 Zagreb-Ploče-Karamatići motorway: -at the Podi junction between the Šibenik and Vrpolje junctions only credit card payment and ENC payment are available. A3 Bregana-Lipovac motorway: -on the Zagreb city bypass near the Zagreb zapad junction, from directions Bregana and Macelj towards Zagreb, traffic is proceeding over one road lane towards the Jankomir bridge. From direction Lučko towards the city a lane is open towards the bridge; -until 26 July, between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., traffic will be suspended multiple times for 15 minute periods, at the Okučani junction, due to extraordinary transport. -until 1 August at the Stari Grabovac rest area (north and south) between the Novska and Okučani, the parking surfaces are closed, but drivers can still use the gas station and the other facilities. -until 14 August, due to roadwork at the Zagreb sjever rest area, direction Bregana, traffic is proceeding over the emergency lane with temporary traffic signalization. In the fourth faze of the Zagreb (Plitvice) rest stop reconstruction, traffic is proceeding over two road lanes at the existing rest stops (both directions) as well as over the additionally built connection roads. In case of emergency at the at the rest stop or any other situations, traffic will be flowing through the roadwork area, excluding freight vehicles. Temporary traffic regulations direction Bregana will begin after temporary traffic regulations is put in place towards Lipovac. A6 Rijeka-Zagreb motorway: -until 28 July, between the Vrbovsko and Ravna Gora junctions (from 19.+000 km to 21.+300 km) in direction Rijeka, traffic is proceeding over two narrowed lanes with the speed limit of 80 km/h; -until 31 July, between the 11+200km and 13+600km, at the Zečeve Drage viaduct, traffic is proceeding with special traffic regulation concerning both directions, direction Zagreb (towards Zagreb, traffic is proceeding over two narrowed lanes, and towards Rijeka, traffic is proceeding over one narrowed lane); -until 14 August (one day of the week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), at 6 a.m., traffic will be suspended multiple times for 15 minute periods, at the 80+600km, direction Rijeka; -until 20 August, between 11 p.m. and 4:30 a.m., traffic will be suspended multiple times for 15 minute periods, at the Kikovica junction (off-ramp of the DC3 state road), due to extraordinary transport -until 15 September at the Orehovica junction traffic is suspended from direction Zagreb towards Trsat (Rijeka centar) detour: Čavle junction-ŽC5205-DC3-Rijeka-Rijeka istok junction (A7)-DC404-Rijeka. A7 Rupa-Rijeka-Žuta Lokva motorway: -until 15 September, due to roadwork at Orehovica junction, traffic is proceeding over one road lane from Krk towards Zagreb and Rupa, and from Rupa towards Zagreb; -until 14 August (one day of the week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), at 6 a.m., traffic will be suspended multiple times for 15 minute periods, between the Škurinje and Orehovica junctions (just before entering the Trsat tunnel) , direction Križišće/Zagreb and between the Rijeka istok and Orehovica junctions (off-road in direction Zagreb). A8/A9 motorway in Istria: -due to roadwork, between the Lupoglav and Veprinac junctions temporary traffic signalization is in operation; -due to roadwork at the Učka tunnel, there is a traffic ban on vehicles wider than 3m between the Veprinac junction and Učka tunnel in both directions; DC1 state road and the Solin-Klis expressway: -until 30 September traffic is suspended between Hrvace and Vrlika. Detour: Hrvace-Rumin-Vučipolje-Ježević-Vrlika; -until 30 September traffic is suspended at Brnaze and Vrlika, detour: Klis Grlo-Muć-Drniš-Knin; DC2 Vukovar-Ilok -due to damage on the Ilok bridge (the Ilok-Bačka Palanka border crossing), there is a ban on vehicles a with maximum total weight exceeding 24 tonnes. DC522 Udbina-Gornja Ploča junctions: -until 15 November, due to roadwork between the Kurjak and Gornja Ploča sections of the DC522 state road, traffic is proceeding alternately along with temporary traffic signalization. ROADWORK AND EVENTS ANNOUNCEMENT: -On 4 August, from 9:00 p.m. until 9:05 p.m., due to a national holiday celebration (Dan domovinske zahvalnosti), all traffic will be temporarily suspended on the Krk bridge in both directions. EXTRAORDINARY TRANSPORT: -from 25 July at 7 p.m. until 27 July at 5 a.m. there will be an extraordinary trasport on the following route: Skrad- theLC58027 local road - the DC3 state road- the DC501 state road-A6 the Oštrovica junction - A6 wrong direction - DC3-DC8 -Ribarska (wrong direction!) - Jelačićev trg (wrong direction!) - Ribarska-(wrong direction!) -DC8 (wrong direction!) - Riva 5, Rijeka USEFUL ADVICE: Every day there is a large number of bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles on the roads. We advise all other vehicle type users to be extremely cautious of those vehicles, especially when entering traffic, changing lanes, overtaking, turning around, or changing course. We are reminding all drivers to adhere to traffic rules and regulations.

Border crossings

(Wed, 24 Jul 2024 17:44:42 GMT)

Traffic is temporarily regulated by traffic lights at the former border crossing Bregana due to roadwork. Due to roadwork at the Batina border crossing, traffic is flowing over one lane only. Longer delays are expected. Longer delays are expected in outbound traffic at border crossings with Slovenia, especially at Bregana and Macelj. At the Ilok-Bačka Palanka bridge traffic is allowed for vehicles up to 24 tonnes (driving speed limit of 30 km/h). From 3 July 2023 international passenger traffic is suspended at the Bogovljana-Hadžin Potok border crossing. Freight traffic is suspended at the Tovarnik/Šid border crossing, detour: Bajakovo border crossing. Traffic is suspended for vehicles whose maximum weight exceeds 7,5 tonnes at the Pribanjci-Vinica border crossing on the DC204 state road. The Dvor and Vitaljina border crossings are open for pedestrians and passenger traffic only. The Gunja border crossing is closed for freight and bus traffic due to instability of the bridge. The border crossings for the international maritime traffic are: Umag, Pula, Mali Lošinj, Vis, Ubli and Cavtat (Book of Regulations on border crossings of the Republic of Croatia, pubblished at the Narodne novine, 2 January 2023).

Ferry traffic

(Wed, 24 Jul 2024 17:44:42 GMT)

There are no difficulties in ferry traffic.  Additional lines on the route Zadar-Molat-Brgulje-Zapuntel-Ist are operating on Saturday ( 29 July), departing from the Zadar ferry port at 7 p.m. and from the Ist ferry port on Sunday (30 July) at 6 a.m. The latest timetable is available at the following sites:https://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/home https://agencija-zolpp.hr/linije/ Border crossings for international maritime passenger and goods traffic are: Rijeka, Ploče, Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Dubrovnik and Raša-Bršica, for passenger traffic only: Umag, Pula, Mali Lošinj, Vis, Ubli and Cavtat (Regulation on border crossings of Republic of Croatia, pubblished at Narodne novine, 2 January 2023).

Traffic restrictions for lorries

(Wed, 24 Jul 2024 17:44:42 GMT)

Traffic events on map Traffic events are geolocated and can be seen on interactive map. Clicking on image or url will open map with events in external browser: Summer restrictions on freight vehicles 15 June-15 September there are traffic restrictions on freight vehicles heavier than 7,5 tonnes on Saturdays 4am-2pm, on Sundays noon-11pm and on holidays 3pm-11pm on the following roads:  - DC8-DC40 Bakar junction-Zadar-Split-Klek border crossing-Zaton Doli border crossing-Dubrovnik-Karasovići border crossing (except on the part DC27-Šibenik bridge-Šibenik-DC58, Bilice roundabout at Solin-Stobreč); - DC9-Metković-Opuzen-DC8; - DC21 Kaštel border crossing-Buje-Kanfanar junction (except on the part DC21 Kanfanar-Pula-DC66); - DC23 Žuta Lokva-Senj; - DC39-A1-Šestanovac roundabout-DC8-Dupci; - DC66 Pula junction (A9)-Raša-Opatija-DC8; - DC200 Buje (DC21)-Plovanija border crossing; - DC300 Buje (DC21)-Umag; - Ž5002 Novigrad-Tar-Poreč-Vrsar (DC21); - Split ferry port; - Zadar ferry port.  Traffic restrictions for transit freight vehicles through Croatia: -For freight vehicle exceeding 7,5 tonnes there is a traffic ban on the DC414 state road from DC8-DC414 intersection to Prapratno junction as well as from Prapratno junction to Komarna junction (Pelješac bridge and its access roads). -According to the Book of regulations for public road transit traffic, freight vehicles heavier than 7,5 tonnes without a trailer/with a trailer longer than 14 m are allowed to use the following roads: MOTORWAYS: A1 Zagreb (Lučko junction (A3)) – Karlovac – Bosiljevo – Split – Ploče junction (A10) – Karamatići (D425) A2 Macelj border crossing (with Slovenia) – Trakošćan – Krapina – Zagreb (Jankomir junction (A3)) A3 Bregana border crossing (with Slovenia) – Zagreb – Sl. Brod – Bajakovo border crossing (with Serbia) A4 Goričan border crossing (with Hungary) – Varaždin – Zagreb (Ivanja Reka junction (A3)) A5 Osijek junction (D2) – Đakovo – Sredanci junction (A3) A6 Bosiljevo 2 junction (A1) – Delnice – Rijeka (Orehovica junction (A7)) A7 Rupa border crossing (with Slovenia) – Matulji – Orehovica – Draga junction (D404) A8 Kanfanar junction (A9) – Pazin – Lupoglav – Matulji junction (A7) A9 Umag junction (D510) – Kanfanar junction – Pula junction (D66) A10 Nova Sela border crossing (with Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Ploče junction (A1) A11 Zagreb (Jakuševec junction, A3) – Lekenik junction (A11); STATE ROADS: DC1 Karlovac junction (A1) – Ličko Petrovo Selo (D217) DC2 Dubrava Križovljanska border crossing (with Slovenia) – Varaždin (D528) DC2 Osijek (D34) – (D213) DC5 Terezino Polje border crossing (with Hungary) – Virovitica – V. Zdenci – Daruvar – Okučani – St. Gradiška border crossing (with Bosnia and Herzegovina) DC6 Jurovski Brod border crossing (with Slovenia) – Ribnik – Karlovac (D1) DC6 Dvor border crossing (with Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Dvor (D47) DC7 Duboševica border crossing (with Hungary) – Beli Manastir – Osijek (D2) DC7 Velika Kopanica junction (A3) – Sl. Šamac border crossing (with Bosnia and Herzegovina) DC8 Čeveljuša junction (D415) – Klek border crossing (with Bosnia and Herzegovina – Zaton Doli border crossing (with Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Dubrovnik – Karasovići border crossing (with Montenegero) DC30 Lekenik junction (A11) – Petrinja – Hrv. Kostajnica (D47) DC34 D. Miholjac (D53) – Osijek (D2) DC46 Tovarnik border crossing (with Serbia) – Vinkovci (D55) DC47 Novska junction (A3) – Jasenovac border crossing (with Bosnia and Herzegovina) DC47 Hrvatska Kostajnica (D30) – Dvor (D6) DC53 D. Miholjac border crossing (with Hungary) – Donji Miholjac (D34) DC53 Slavonski Brod (D514) – Sl. Brod border crossing (with Bosnia and Herzegovina) DC55 Županja junction (A3) – Županja (D214) DC55 Županja (D214) – Županja border crossing (with Bosnia and Herzegovina) DC60 Trilj (D220) – Čaporice (D220) DC60 Čaporice – Cista Provo – Imotski – Vinjani Donji border crossing (with Bosnia and Herzegovina) DC212 D7 – Kneževi Vinogradi – Batina border crossing (with Serbia) DC213 D2 – Erdut border crossing (with Serbia) DC217 Ličko Petrovo Selo (D1) – Ličko Petrovo Selo border crossing (with Bosnia and Herzegovina) DC220 Bisko junction (A1) – Čaporice (D60) – Trilj – Kamensko border crossing (with Bosnia and Herzegovina) DC425 Karamatići paytoll (A1) – Čeveljuša junction (D8) DC510 Umag junction (A9) – Kaštel border crossing (with Slovenia) DC514 Slavonski Brod (D53) – Slavonski Brod (D423) DC519 Dalj (D213) – Borovo (D2) DC525 Slavonski Brod zapad junction (A3) – Slavonski Brod (D53) DC528 Varaždin (D2) – Varaždin junction (A4); TRANSIT FROM PORTS: BRŠICA (RAŠA) PORT: DC421 Most Raša/Raša bridge (D66) – Bršica port DC66 Pula junction (A9) – Most Raša/Raša bridge (D421) RIJEKA PORT: DC404 Rijeka (D8) – Brajdica port – Draga junction (A7) ZADAR PORT: DC424 Zadar (Gaženica port) – Zadar 2 junction (A1) ŠIBENIK PORT: DC58 Šibenik (port) – Ražine junction (D8) DC8 Vidici junction (D33) – Ražine junction (D58) DC33 Šibenik junction (A1) – Vidici junction (D8) SPLIT PORT: DC410 Split ferry port – Poljička cesta/Zbora narodne garde junction (D8) DC8 Bilice junction (D1) – Poljička cesta/Zbora narodne garde junction (D410) DC1 Dugopolje junction (A1) – Bilice junction (D8) PLOČE PORT: DC425 Čeveljuša junction (D8) – Ploče port DUBROVNIK PORT: DC420 Sustjepan (D8) – Gruž port VUKOVAR PORT: DC2 Vukovar port – Borovo (D55) DC55 Borovo (D2) – Vinkovci – Županja junction (A3) OSIJEK PORT: DC417 Osijek port – D2 SLAVONSKI BROD PORT: DC423 Slavonski Brod port – Slavonski Brod (514) DC514 Slavonski Brod (514) – Slavonski Brod istok junction (A3). Exception to the above mentioned restriction: on the DC213 (D2 – Erdut border crossing (with Serbia)) state road (in the length of 26,60 km) transit traffic is allowed in case of loading/unloading site or carrier seat in the area of Slavonia and Baranja (Croatia) or Vojvodina (Serbia). More information at: https://narodne-novine.nn.hr/clanci/sluzbeni/2021_05_51_1039.html

Useful telephone numbers

(Wed, 24 Jul 2024 17:44:42 GMT)

Roadside assistance service: + 385 1 987, +385 1 4693 700 Traffic conditions: +385 1 464 0800

Traffic forecast for tomorrow

(Wed, 24 Jul 2024 17:44:42 GMT)

Traffic forecast for 24 July 2024 Roads may be wet and slippery in the eastern part of the country. Rockslidings are also possible. Due to strong wind, with storms possible in the afternoon, there may be traffic bans on certain vehicle categories on the DC8 Adriatic Road, in the Velebit region. Dense traffic is expected on city roads and their bypasses, on certain motorway sections, especially towards the coast, on most roads along the coast, at major border crossings and in ferry ports. Passenger trafic may be dense at major border crossings with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. Longer waiting times are expected for freight traffic at the following border crossings: Bajakovo, Tovarnik, Erdut, Svilaj, Stara Gradiška and Županja.  No difficulties are expected in ferry traffic.  Have a safe and pleasant journey.   You can get the latest traffic information at www.hak.hr, in the HAK Smartphone App (http://www.hak.hr/smartphone/hakmap) or by dialling + 385 1 46 40 800; in case of a breakdown call: + 385 1 987. Have a safe and pleasant journey!

Ref.: HAK